PGM organizes a videoconference with the Ombudsman for Small and Medium Enterprises

22 May 2020 Posted in News

Polish Automotive Group organized a videoconference for its members with the Ombudsman for Small and Medium Enterprises, during which PGM members presented the situation in the automotive industry during the coronavirus pandemic and submitted their ideas for government support for entrepreneurs.

During the on-line meeting, topics such as the need to invest in R&D so that Polish automotive companies could produce more innovative products and the need to distinguish information on the Polish origin of automotive parts from domestic manufacturers on the packaging were discussed. Also raised was the problem of misinterpretations of officials in the matters of researching the connections of Polish family businesses, as a result of which they have problems with access to support funds, such as, for example, the Polish Development Fund. One of the ideas that was submitted for government support for the automotive sector was the introduction of a state factoring service, which could be run by the government on preferential terms for companies from the automotive sector. PGM representatives also noted the need to regulate the trade in automotive parts and the introduction of obligatory Polish quality certificates for parts imported from outside the European Union, which should prevent the flooding of the Polish market with low-quality parts from the Far East.

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