Training: CSR in purchasing in Jarocin (08-09/02/2024)

12 February 2024 Posted in Members, News, Other, Partners, Study visit, Webinars/Trainings

On February 8-9, 2024, another very substantive meeting was held as part of the PGM & GK2 GREEN QUALITY Leaders Academy series, organized by PGM in cooperation with GK 2. This time the main topic was Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the purchasing department. The event took place in a hybrid form, both stationary and online. We were hosted by RBB-STAL from Jarocin.

During our conversation, we focused on important aspects related to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), looking in particular at the guidelines, requirements, norms and standards in this area. We have covered several key documents and certifications such as ISO2600, ISO20400, AA1000, AFAQ26000, SA8000, SMETA, and BSCI. We talked about the importance of these standards for organizations, emphasizing their role in building a socially responsible business.

One of the main topics of our discussion concerned the role of the purchasing department in supply chain management in the context of CSR. We focused on what steps can be taken to introduce the principles of social responsibility into purchasing processes. We discussed what criteria should be taken into account when selecting suppliers to ensure compliance with CSR standards. We drew attention to the need to analyze the risk associated with suppliers and to implement monitoring systems that enable tracking progress in the field of social responsibility.

During the conversation, we also touched on practical issues, focused on how organizations can start implementing socially responsible practices in their supply chains. We pointed out the need to educate employees, work closely with suppliers and implement specific actions that will contribute to improving working conditions and environmental protection.

Our conversation provided a comprehensive look at the CSR area, with particular emphasis on practical steps that the purchasing department can take to contribute to building a socially responsible organization.

During the meeting, the following companies presented their offers:

1. V-Trust
2. EcoVadis
3. Envirly
4. Fundacja Pro NGO
5. Forum Odpowiedzialnego Biznesu


The moderator of the meeting was Joanna Kruszewska from GK2, who not only led the discussion, but also shared her knowledge during the presentation “CSR from the purchasing side”.

Additionally, specialists from RBB-STAL presented a Case Study on the practical aspects of EcoVadis implementation, discussing key issues and processes that led to obtaining the “Eco Vadis Label”.

Participants of the stationary meeting had the opportunity to visit the Steel-RBB plant and participate in an integration dinner organized by RBB-STAL.

This event was initiated by members of the PGM Sales Working Group. We encourage you to get involved in the group’s activities!

We would like to thank all speakers for sharing their knowledge and participants for their active participation. Special thanks to RBB-STAL for the warm welcome.

We invite everyone to the next meetings in the Green Quality series. See you at inspiring events!

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