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Polska Grupa Motoryzacyjna

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Below you can find basic information about the Polish Automotive Group:

Polish Automotive Group (PGM) – is an association of Polish parts producers for the broadly understood automotive industry and domestic companies operating in the automotive industry. What makes us different from other automotive organizations is that we only associate companies with Polish capital and operate throughout the country.

The aim of the Association is to create conditions conducive to the development of Polish enterprises of the automotive industry and to raise the level of knowledge of Polish society regarding these enterprises.

The association realizes its goals through:

  1. creating and supporting mutual relations of enterprises, specialized suppliers and recipients, enterprises from other related sectors and industries as well as institutions of the economic environment from Poland and abroad,
  2. promoting Polish manufacturers of automotive parts and accessories on domestic and foreign markets, including in particular the organization or participation in events and events of the automotive industry (fairs, exhibitions, conferences, training sessions, etc.),
  3. conducting scientific and technical activities in the field of automotive and related fields, including raising qualifications and disseminating knowledge, exchange of information, experience and ideas, promoting good practices among members of the Association and anyone interested in its subject of activity,
  4. participation in the creation and implementation of strategies and programs for the development of entrepreneurship and economic development in Poland, with particular emphasis on the automotive industry,
  5. supporting initiatives aimed at increasing the competitiveness of Polish automotive industry enterprises, including in particular the implementation of innovative technologies, including by supporting them in obtaining external financial resources,
  6. educating the general public about the benefits of using automotive parts and accessories from Polish manufacturers,
  7. promotional and educational activities aimed at improving the image of Polish automotive products,
  8. promotional and educational activities aimed at building consumer confidence in Polish brands,
  9. promoting and disseminating attitudes of economic patriotism among clients of the automotive industry,
  10. developing and disseminating the principles of ethics and dignity of entrepreneurs,
  11. representing the interests of Polish manufacturers of automotive parts and accessories and research institutions in contacts with domestic and foreign public and non-public institutions,
  12. conducting and supporting scientific analyzes and research (including economic and marketing), and issuing reports on the automotive industry,
  13. integrating the environment of Polish manufacturers from the automotive industry, in particular by organizing cultural and educational, sports and tourist activities
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