PGM will cooperate with the Łukasiewicz Center

11 May 2020 Posted in News

The Polish Automotive Group and Centrum Łukasiewicza Association, which oversees the entire Łukasiewicz Research Network, have signed a letter of intent on cooperation. The parties to the agreement declared their will to act together in scientific and research projects regarding automation, manufacturing, materials, chemistry and ICT in the automotive industry.

Łukasiewicz and PGM want to cooperate in the transfer of technology and commercialization of the results of work in the production of aftermarket products. They also declared their willingness to jointly participate in Polish and international research and development programs.

The Łukasiewicz Research Network has strong competences in intelligent mobility. This is one of the key research areas of network institutes. Therefore, a Research Group was established that brings together the competences of scientists. The Group operates in the area of ​​technologies related to the design, manufacture, production, characterization and use of logistics infrastructure and vehicles. In particular, research and development works are carried out in the area of ​​electromobility and pro-ecological construction solutions in means of transport, materials with extended functionality, as well as robotics and control systems as well as machines used in agriculture, aviation and space technologies.

An important aspect are also innovations in the field of technology for storage, processing and recovery of energy, including research on hydrogen cells, fuel cells, supercapacitors as well as batteries and accumulators. Innovation in intelligent mobility also includes the design of transport management systems, logistics and the supply chain as well as modern storage and efficient distribution networks.

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