Meeting of the series: Connect & Scale Up – Development of innovative companies with cluster support

5 November 2021 Posted in Members, News, News

Today we had the pleasure to participate in the 7th Congress of Polish Clusters organized by Polish Cluster Employers’ Association (ZPKP), of which we are a member. The motto of this year’s Congress edition was:

“New European funding programs for 2021-2027.
Financing the development, innovation and reconstruction of Poland in the new financial perspective and after the Covid-19 crisis “.

During one of the accompanying events – the Connect & Scale Up series, organized by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP), we looked at the potential of clusters for the development of space for cooperation and building innovation. We presented activities contributing to better results in the areas related to access to capital, knowledge, domestic and foreign relations and sales successes.

As a representative of the automotive clusters, Managing Director of PGM – Mr Bartosz Mielecki presented the aspects of supporting the development of enterprises, including their export activities, on such a highly globalized market as automotive. On the other hand, the CEO of MICHAEL company (member of the PGM cluster) – Mr Henryk Michalik presented a view from the perspective of a cluster member at the most important factors influencing the competitiveness of companies resulting from belonging to a cluster.

During the discussion panel, together with the invited guests, we discussed, among others such threads as:

  • elements of the cluster offer in the field of cooperation / export support, which are most desired by companies
  • features which clusters and their managers should have in order to effectively cooperate with each other and support the cooperation of enterprises?
  • improving communication within the cluster and activating its members, with particular emphasis on small businesses?
  • ways of supporting young business entering the cluster
  • effective foreign promotion completed with sales success? How and where to promote. Expectations towards cluster coordinators / cluster activities on the part of enterprises.
  • why some clusters turn into dead organizations. What is the reason for this, an attempt to analyze
  • benchmarks from abroad

As part of the discussion panel, there was also a proposal to establish cooperation with the Bydgoszcz Industrial Cluster, which brings together companies from the tool industry and plastics processing. We are already after a phone call and we are planning meeting next week.

When reporting on the completed Congress of Polish Clusters, we feel obliged to mention that the partners supporting this event include the Podkarpackie Voivodeship, which is also a partner of the PGM Association.


Organizer of the accompanying event:

Polish Agency for Enterprise Development

Useful links:

The meeting was carried out as part of the Connect & Scale Up project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Intelligent Development Operational Program, priority axis II entitled: “Inno_LAB – Center for analyzes and pilots of new instruments”

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