Meetings with energy experts for the PGM Working Group on Purchasing

17 November 2021 Posted in Members, News

We’ve had 2 very interesting meetings of the PGM Working Group on Purchasing with experts.
There were many topics discussed, which are related to energy, and which are especially important for entrepreneurs now:

• quotations of CO2 emission allowances, BASE-Y 2022 and 2023 and Spot (DAM)
• price components for end users
• methods and recommendations for contracting

👉 GAS:
• factors affecting gas prices in 2021
• the gas imports to Europe and overcrowded storage conditions in Europe
• gas prices on the Dutch TTF market and the American Henry Hub market
• prices of CO2 emission allowances

• a brief introduction to photovoltaics
• the method of selecting the optimal installation
• what should be borne in mind when choosing the target solution
• does the installation pay off? what is the return on investment?

Each panel ended with a Q&A session, thanks to which the participants of the meeting could deepen their knowledge and get answers to their questions.

Additionally, the invited experts presented a cooperation model that combines PV with consumer consumption (auto-energy consumption).

PGM members are invited to the next meetings of the PGM Working Group on Purchasing!

The industry partner of these meetings was Grupa UNIMOT (UNIMOT-EIGTRADEA / AVIASolar)

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