We polonize IZERA – PGM signs a tripartite letter of intent

29 September 2020 Posted in News

The Polish Automotive Group Association (PGM), ElectroMobility Poland (EMP), and the Łukasiewicz Research Network have signed a letter of intent regarding cooperation in order to involve as many domestic entrepreneurs from the automotive industry as possible to build a supply chain for IZERA – the brand of Polish electric cars. The letter of intent was signed on September 28 at the headquarters of the Łukasiewicz Automotive Industry Institute by the presidents of: ElectroMobility Poland – Piotr Zaremba, the Polish Automotive Group – Adam Sikorski and the Łukasiewicz Research Network – Piotr Dardziński. The event was the culmination of the conference “Polonize Izera”, in which on September 28-29, 2020 was attended by over 100 domestic manufacturers of automotive parts and components as well as engineering companies interested in the project implemented by EMP.

The signatories of the letter declared to undertake cooperation aimed at ensuring that as many Polish entities as possible are included in the process of polonization of the IZERA car supply chain. All parties will strive to ensure that the solutions that Polish scientists are working on can be used in the production of electric cars and the infrastructure necessary for their operation.

The President of the Polish Automotive Group, Adam Sikorski, notices the enormous role that the production of Polish electric cars can play in the development of the Polish economy:

– Cooperation with the Polish brand of electric cars is an opportunity to strengthen the market position of our companies, which already show great interest in the development of technologies related to electromobility. It includes o design and production of lithium-ion batteries, accumulators, chargers, or development of technology in the field of creating special coatings for electric cars. This interest will tend to increase, taking into account the development of electromobility. We also count on the transfer of technology, which can also be used in other mobility-related projects, assessed President Sikorski.

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