PGM at Auto 2020 fairs in Riga

25 September 2020 Posted in News

Members of the Polish Automotive Group, Filters Engineering and Lotos Oil represented the PGM Association at the International Automotive Fair “Auto 2020” in Riga, Latvia, which was held on 25-27 September. PGM members appeared there thanks to the support of the Polish Embassy in Riga and the Podkarpackie Province, which throughout 2020 strongly supports PGM.

Auto 2020 in Riga is the largest automotive industry event in the Baltic countries, intended for all automotive fans and professionals from all over Europe, which takes place at the Kipsala International Exhibition Center in Riga. The whole event consists of 3 events:

“New Cars”- An exciting show of the newest and best-selling cars. An effective marketing tool for car dealerships.

“Auto Mechanics” – The only specialist event in the Baltic countries presenting the latest innovations in this field of tools and equipment for workshops, car parts and accessories.

“Auto Exotica” – The biggest auto tuning show in the Baltics. The best and most powerful tuned cars from Europe and Scandinavia. Celebrity cars, super tuning, drift and drag racing cars, unique hot rods and lowriders.

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