The first meetings of PGM working groups in the New Year!

14 January 2022 Posted in Members, News

Working groups operating at the Polish Automotive Group returned to work after the Christmas break. The teams entered the New Year with new energy and new ideas.

The first one was the PGM Working Group for Human Resources, which focused on topics related to the new government program called Polish Deal. Unfortunately, experience in this area is still a uniqe issue, but the exchange of information allowed us to find answers to several key questions and doubts together. Additionally, as part of support for entrepreneurs, Polska Grupa Motoryzacyjna organized a meeting with a CRIDO Taxand expert, who explored this important topic and answered most of the questions related to the Polish Deal program.

For the next meeting, the Human Resource Working Group under the “Let’s share our know-how” program planned to discuss the subject of remote work in the pandemic era, based on the best practices applied at FA Krosno company. During the meeting, we will choose optimal solutions related to effective communication and methods of remote work process control, but we will also touch on the aspect of socialization of the employee with the company after gaining covid distance during remote work.

Another group that reported readiness to work in the New Year was the PGM Working Group for Environmental Protection. The participants of the meeting discussed the reports that companies have to prepare in the near future, but there was also time to discuss other topics related to:

  • changes in the act on packaging from January 1, 2022,
  • the types of packaging / products in packaging that PGM members place on the market (single-material, multi-material after hazardous substances),
  • methods of ensuring the achievement of the assumed level of recycling (recovery),
  • cooperation with recovery organizations,
  • DE MINIMIS public aid,
  • DPR (DPO) documents.

In addition, in order to quickly exchange information within the Environmental Protection Working Group, we’ve started testing the application with which we want to support each other in everyday matters and problems that are sometimes difficult to deal with individually.

The third group which started work in New Year was PGM Working Group for Purchasing. At its first meeting this year discussed the indicators used to monitor the optimal performance of work – KPIs. The method of linking some indicators with the bonus systems (monthly and annual) was also discussed. Currently, the group will be working on collecting all relevant data related to the above-mentioned topics, and we will come back to a wider discussion of this topic at the next meeting. During the next meeting we will also return to the topic of domestic and international transport.

We also summarized the situation on the raw materials market:

  • paper,
  • plastics,
  • steel and aluminum.

We invite all members of the Polish Automotive Group to join our working groups!

There are many challenges ahead of us, but as the previous year showed, while cooperating in the working groups, we are able to create a really effective and friendly space for the exchange of experiences, which in turn positively translates into everyday work.

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