PGM Cluster Working Group for Industry 4.0

12 May 2021 Posted in Members, News

The Fourth Industrial Revolution – Industry 4.0 is a concept that includes the integration of the value chain, the introduction of new business models and the digitization of products and services.

Thanks to the use of new digital technologies, data resources and ensuring communication in the network of cooperation between machines, devices and people, it is possible to implement these solutions.

Individualized customer needs and the growing trend of personalization of products and services are the main factors driving the transformation towards industry 4.0.

At PGM, we established an interdisciplinary working group for Industry 4.0 to support each other in the transformation of both technological and industrial processes.
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The companies currently included in the group are:
Retnig, Green ElectricityStomet, Tip-TopolMB ElixTarapata,  MarcollInfoSoftware PolskaSMG SolutionsVoytechSLC Automation, El-CabGumat oraz FA Krosno.

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