Policy of compliance with competition law

8 May 2021 Posted in Members, News, News

On May 7, 2021, the Management Board of PGM has enacted the “Policy of compliance with competition law in the Polish Automotive Group”.

The document was prepared in order to ensure the transparency of the activities of the Association and its members in the scope of compliance of the proceedings with obligatory rules of law, with particular emphasis of the Polish Act on Combating Unfair Competition and Consumer Protection Law.

The Polish Automotive Group treats competition law issues with great attention.

Both the Association and its individual members are obliged to comply with all regulations concerning competition protection and the principles of free and fair competition.

The policy takes into account the experience from the application of the solutions binding in the Association so far and internal rules relating to compliance with antitrust and competition protection regulations.

The Policy aimes at:

  • collecting experiences and rules in a structured form,
  • increasing the level of knowledge and awareness of all PGM members in this regard, as well as
  • providing PGM members with practical guidelines, enabling them to identify and prevent risks related to antitrust law.

In its activities, the Association is guided by the provisions of the Policy, while the Policy is internal and informative.

Polish Automotive Group in cooperation with the AXELO Law Firm – Law and Taxes for Business, prepared webinars for the PGM members, during which they will be introduced to issues related to the regulations that have been just implemented in the organisation.

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