Letter of intent for the development of the automotive industry in Poland

10 May 2023 Posted in Other, Partners

During the evening ceremony of the International Automotive Business Meeting on May 9 in the city of Jaworzno, 4 Polish automotive clusters signed a letter of intent expressing the will to develop and intensify cluster cooperation for the development of the automotive industry in Poland.

The automotive industry is currently undergoing the greatest transformation in a hundred years. , and the dynamic development of new digital technologies are changing how and what products companies in the automotive industry produce. This situation is a huge challenge for many companies operating in the automotive industry; on the one hand, it is an opportunity, but also a threat.

Support in the transformation of the automotive industry and its further development in Poland are actively operating automotive clusters that recognize the growing need to tighten inter-cluster cooperation to achieve better results.

declared their will to cooperate, support each other and take joint actions to develop a strong and modern automotive industry in Poland

The signatories of the Letter of Intent are:

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