Bartosz Grucza

Bartosz Grucza Ph.D. hab. associate professor – head of the Department of Research on Infrastructure and Mobility, Institute of Infrastructure, Transport and Mobility at the Warsaw School of Economics. Member of the Council for companies with the Treasury shareholding and state legal persons. In 2013-2016 chancellor of the Warsaw School of Economics, in 2006-2008 chancellor of the Medical Academy in Warsaw and the Medical University of Warsaw. A graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics and a long-term employee of the Project Management Department at the Warsaw School of Economics, co-founder and lecturer at the Postgraduate Project Management Programme. Project manager and consultant in the field of project management. Manager, who has been implementing projects in private enterprises and public institutions for several years. A long-term member of The National Centre for Research and Development Stakeholder Committee. R&D director in the SPV company implementing projects in the field of artificial intelligence in management optimization.

Co-author of a number of publications and popular textbooks in the field of project management and management. Member and former President of the Board of the Association of Project Managers, member of PMI and IPMA, promoter of the idea of ​​management in the academic, business and social environment.

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