“World of Filters” – PZL Sędziszów customer magazine. Interview with Paweł Włodarski (Programme Director of PGM)

18 November 2021 Posted in Members, News, News

Today the latest issue of the “World of Filters” quarterly magasine of PZL Sędziszów SA has been published. The 21st issue of the magazine presents details related to the latest segment of activity, which is the production of PV panels, there is an extensive chapter for automotive fans related to filtration technology, in which the Q&A cycle was launched, and for those who are thirsty for travel and personal contacts, there is a report on this year’s trade fair.

Paweł Włodarski – Program Director of the Polish Automotive Group in the latest edition presented the activities of the PGM Association and Cluster, and answered some questions regarding the current situation on the spare parts aftermarket, problems with the availability of raw materials and what factors will have impact on the industry in the coming time.

We present the interview below:

World of Filters (WoF): To begin with, let’s recall how long PGM has been operating and what are its tasks?

Paweł Włodarski (PW): Polish Automotive Group has been operating for 5 years. We integrate the community of Polish private manufacturers of automotive parts and animate their cooperation, we support these companies in their development. Working together, we can use the scale effect and the synergy effect.

WoF: Can you define the new challenges and goals facing the Polish Automotive Group in the coming months?

PW: We intend to continue the process of creating optimal space for building business networking, and develop working groups operating within PGM. Soon we will invite PGM members to cooperate in creating a new strategy for PGM for the coming years.

WoF: How are PGM members dealing with the problem of raw material availability?

PW: Limited availability of raw materials forces producers to search for smaller suppliers and diversify their sources of supply. This is facilitated by cooperation within the PGM and the possibility of exchanging information with other consumers of raw materials.

WoF: How do you assess the current situation on the spare parts aftermarket?

PW: Certainly the spare parts distribution market has not experienced such severe turbulence as car manufacturers and their suppliers. Aftermarket manufacturers are now facing an extremely busy period due to the limited availability of Asian parts and the unavailability of new vehicles and the resulting need for longer use of used cars.

WoF: What are, in your opinion, the main factors that will affect the industry in the coming time?

PW: It is undoubtedly the stability of supply chains that depends on resolving the ongoing problems with the availability of chips and raw materials, and with energy and freight prices. Technological changes in production and the electromobility trend are not without significance. But these are also new requirements of the EU energy policy (and the so-called “Fit for 55” package), and on the domestic market – new solutions resulting from the program Polish Deal.

Take a look at the whole magasine…

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