Tightening of exhaust emission standards for new cars by the European Commission – commentary by Henryk Michalik

1 September 2021 Posted in Members, News, News

Could the new new emission standards be a cause for concern for manufacturers in the automotive industry?

What does the decision of the European Commission regarding exhaust emission standards mean for the automotive market?

What effect could there be by establishing a separate, new ETS for fuel distribution for road transport?

The European Commission has tightened the emissions standards for new cars – by 55% from 2030 and by 100% from 2035 compared to 1990 levels. Is the achievement of these targets realistic?

How the decision of the European Commission on emission standards can influence the automotive aftermarket – suppliers, distributors, car repair shops. Is the Polish automotive market ready for such changes?

You will find answers not only to these questions in an interview with Henryk Michalik, an expert and a member of the Polish Automotive Group, published on the MOTOFAKTOR portal.

We invite you to the interesting reading: ARTICLE

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