The PGM Working Group for Human Resources was launched

26 October 2021 Posted in Members, News

We’ve launched another working group operating within the Polish Automotive Group. This one is dealing with the most valuable resources of each company – the human resources. Representatives of the companies: FA KROSNO, SIEROSŁAWSKI GROUP, RST ROZTOCZE, NG PLAST, NOVOL, TIP-TOPOL, MAGNETIX, PZL SĘDZISZÓW, SPLAST, SANOK RUBBER, NETBOX and OLA PARTS participate in this working group.

During today’s meeting, participants had the opportunity to learn about the on-boarding process of new employees at SPLAST company. We got to know, among others the role of a mentor and discussed the guide that every new employee receives. We also learned about the exam that newly hired employees pass and the direct involvement of the president of the company in the recruitment process.

According to all participants, it was a very interesting and inspiring meeting.

The next meeting of the HR working group is scheduled for November 16 and will be devoted to the topic of recruiting employees.

The meeting will start with the presentation of selected ‘case studies’.

We invite all PGM members to participate!

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