Study visit at the SANOK RUBBER COMPANY 22/04/2024 Sanok

22 April 2022 Posted in Members, News

An extremely interesting point of the meeting of the members of the Polish Automotive Group was the visit to the Sanok Rubber Company, which manufactures rubber products and products combining rubber with other materials (e.g. with metal).

The participants of the meeting had a unique opportunity to see automated production lines and discuss interesting solutions that could be implemented in their companies.

Due to the wide offer, the company reaches five industries:

  • automotive
  • construction
  • pharmaceutical
  • agricultural
  • household appliances industry

In addition to ready-made products, on request the company also supplies specially prepared rubber compounds perfectly tailored to the customer’s requirements.

Sanok Rubber Company SA has existed since 1932, but until 2015 the company was known as “Sanockie Zakłady Przemysłu Gumowego STOMIL Sanok SA”. Since 2010, the shares of Sanok Rubber Company SA have been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

It is worth visiting the company’s website:

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