PGM’s comment on the project of taking over IZERA
by the State Treasury

18 April 2021 Posted in News, News

The takeover of ElectroMobility Poland with its project to build the Polish electric vehicle IZERA by the State Treasury is becoming a more and more realistic scenario. What does Mr. Adam Sikorski, President of the Polish Automotive Group, think about the takeover proposal?

His comment for “Puls Biznesu” magazine:

As an entrepreneur, I am not a supporter of significant state activity in the economy, but the transition of ElectroMobility Poland directly to the under state’s wings may mean good news.

I know the challenges faced by energy groups and understand that, undergoing transformation, they are not able to bear the costs of such a bold project. The state treasury is a better investor here.

The consent to the change of land use in Jaworzno is also good news. Uncertainty in this matter put the project on hold and aroused controversy.

Entrepreneurs from Polish Automotive Group are waiting for further details of the project.

Full text: link to the article (machine translation)


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