PGM participated in the premiere of the Polish electric car

28 July 2020 Posted in News

28th July marked an online premiere of a Polish brand of electric cars. At the event, ElectroMobility Poland presented the name (IZERA), logo, slogan and two demonstration models: a hatchback and an SUV. However, experts underline that to develop electromobility in Poland, not only car manufacturing is required, but also a  proper systemic approach. This is also the take which the project’s authors have adopted. The prototypes, followed by subsequent mass production, are to be a step in the direction of long-term changes which may become the driving force for the whole economy of the country.

Piotr Zaremba, CEO of ElectroMobility Poland- during the presentation ceremony

“Electromobility is no longer about some vague daydreams but a true technological and business reality that we need to start embracing in an efficient manner. The automotive sector is the second largest industry of Poland, with over 200 thousand jobs in production and 270 thousand jobs in trade and industry-related services. This means that the automotive sector accounts for approx. 7 percent of the Polish GDP. Also, we are the largest European state that has no car make of its own. The owners of technologies used to produce cars are mainly international companies and about 70 percent of products manufactured in Poland is intended for exports. With the Izera brand, we aspire to evoke changes to drive the innovation in the whole industry so that we can prepare ourselves for the challenges of the evolving market reality. This is an opportunity to create Polish specialization based on our own solutions which can compete with other players on the global market” says Małgorzata Królak, Director of the Project Office of ElectroMobility Poland.

The role that a new Polish brand of electric cars may play for the Polish economic development has been spotted by Polish Climate Minister Michał Kurtyka, who underlined that “the Polish energy sector and the industry are making a huge effort to modernize and limit their negative footprint. For the Climate Ministry, it is of vital importance that each expenditure contributes to the technological development of Poland. Growing importance of electromobility gives as an opportunity to build the Polish automotive sector, and consequently, to boost the development of the Polish economy”.

Two demonstration models: a hatchback and an SUV

Also Adam Sikorski, president of the Polish Automotive Group, has high hopes for the project, recalling the history of the iconic Polish Fiat 126, aka “maluch” (The little one).

“Coming up with a Polish electric car will give us access to the latest know how, whose further development can be continued by Polish companies in the years to come. This is what happened once Italians moved their Fiat 126 manufacturing site to Poland. Initially, the whole production was based on an Italian license and Italian components, but with the passage of time more and more Polish manufacturers were involved in the project. They laid the foundations for the present Polish automotive sector. We do hope that this success story can be repeated and the technology acquired through the project can be harnessed in other mobility projects. The Polish Automotive Group which I have the pleasure to represent has been invited by ElectroMobility Poland to support the works on the supply chain as regards parts and components to the Polish electric car. We will do our best to find stable local suppliers and high-quality parts for the project and we invite all interested entities to cooperate with us.

Adam Sikorski, President of the Polish Automotive Group Association (PGM) – during the premiere

Izera and the world of science: a chance for technological innovations

With Izera, the industry will get a chance to cooperate with the Polish R&D sector. In fact, the plans of ElectroMobility Poland assume permanent cooperation with research and development centers, driving the implementation of unique technologies solutions in mass production. A project of a national automotive brand may fuel more efficient acquisition and consumption of research grants, also enhancing the level of innovation in the Polish economy. “Building a Polish electric car brand will be a powerful and ambitious endeavor for the whole national research sector. In April 2019 The Łukasiewicz Research Network was established, with the largest research potential in Poland – this entity is prepared to provide support to the authors of the Polish electric car brand. The Network has highly advanced competence in the construction of electric drives and components applied in the automotive industry. This means we will enter the race for the technological and business success of the project without complexes, fully aware of the R&D assets of the Polish scientists within the Łukasiewicz Research Network” – evaluates Piotr Dardziński, CEO of the Łukasiewicz Research Network.

Panel of experts, from the left: Michał Kurtyka, Tadeusz Jelec, Roberto Piatti, Adam Sikorski, Piotr Dardziński

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