PGM meeting with MRPiT

„Support for export in the automotive industry”

23 April 2021 Posted in News, News

Representatives of the Polish Automotive Group, including Adam Sikorski (President of PGM), Krzysztof Frelek (Member of the Management Board of PGM) and Bartosz Mielecki (Managing Director of PGM), took part yesterday in a meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Development, Labor and Technology, Ms Aleksandra Tomczyk – Head of the Export Development Department and Promotion of Economy at the Department of Trade and International Cooperation, Ministry of Development, Labor and Technology and Mr. Tomasz Salomon – Director of the Department of Trade and International Cooperation, Ministry of Development, Labor and Technology.

The main topic of the meeting was the discussion on export support for the automotive industry. PGM representatives pointed to the fact that the disturbances in the supply chains observed in the automotive industry may be an opportunity to acquire new customers and enter new markets. The problems faced by the automotive industry in carrying out export activities, in the era of no fairs and restrictions in movement, were also presented. That is why it is now so much needed support from public administration and proactive, flexible adaptation to the current situation.

As a result, it was agreed that in the second week of May, together with the Ministry of Development, PGM will organize a meeting for its members, during which the following will be discussed:

  • industry export results in the last decade and in 2020
  • instruments for supporting companies and promoting the automotive industry (MRPiT, PAIH, PARP offer)
  • deacreasing the costs of supply imports, elimination of barriers to access to non-EU markets, protection against unfair imports, free trade agreements, insurance support from KUKE and financial support from BGK
  • examples of the most important trade barriers for the industry; presentation of the new Access2Markets portal as a source of information on import conditions to individual countries outside the EU
  • participation in tenders of international organizations

Details soon!

The Ministry is very interested in receiving comments from companies associated in the Polish Automotive Group regarding the ongoing pro-export programs, but not only as well as new activities planned to be launched – e.g. under the future FENG operational program (European Funds for Modern Economy) for the years 2021-2027

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