PGM joins the Employers Association “Polish Clusters”

8 October 2020 Posted in News

The Polish Automotive Group joins the Employers’ Association Polish Clusters (ZPKP) – an organization associating economic cluster animators from all over Poland. One of the objectives of the ZPKP is to conduct activities for the development of an innovative economy and the creation of new competitive jobs.

One of the biggest successes of PGM in 2019 was obtaining the prestigious status of the National Key Cluster. Today, the organization associating the over 40 largest Polish automotive manufacturers goes a step further. The Polish Automotive Group joining the Employers’ Association “Polish Clusters” increases the competences of the Association in the area of ​​the automotive industry, which in Poland has over 200,000 people and produces nearly 8% of GDP.

“For Polish Automotive Group, it is an important step in strengthening cooperation with the cluster environment in Poland and an opportunity to present the perspective of the Polish automotive sector in a broader manner. When it comes to the upcoming activities in the Association, PGM will take part in the VI Congress of Polish Clusters, which will be held on November 9-10, 2020 in Szczecin. We encourage other clusters to participate in this event. We will discuss the role of clusters in supporting the regional development policy, created at the level of the European Union, Poland and local government regions, ”says Bartosz Mielecki from the Polish Automotive Group.

Participants of the 6th Congress of Polish Clusters will talk not only about clusters, but above all about European, national and regional economic development policies and about the possibilities of supporting the competitiveness of companies, and thus the regions in which they operate. It will be possible thanks to new funds from the EU. The European Commission has decided to commit nearly EUR 750 billion to help rebuild the economies of the European Union countries.

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