Improvement of processes efficiency, supported by objective data

17 June 2021 Posted in Members, News

Today we had the opportunity to participate in a webinar: Improving the efficiency of processes supported by objective data. The webinar was prepared by the REFA Grather Poland Association – the official partner of the REFA Group. The event was attended by several dozen representatives from 12 companies associated in the Polish Automotive Group.

What knowledge did the participants receive?

  • proven methods of work organization
  • opportunities to engage employees in process
  • improvement data analysis tools
  • ways of synchronization of production processes

During the webinar, the following topics were discussed:

  1. Audit of processes on the example of snapshot observation [case study]
  • how to conduct an audit (what data to collect, classification of activities, downtime)
  • how to analyze data (e.g. Pareto)
  • how to involve employees in the improvement process

2. Shaping positions based on the study of traffic and 5S [photos, examples]

  • 5S at workplace
  • organization of the workplace (optimal arrangement of tools)
  • visualisation
  • standardization

3. Setting time standards on the example of timing [case study]

  • how to establish time standards and design of activities
  • how to balance the working time
  • system of indicators, objectives and controls

We wish you effective use of received information and knowledge in practice.

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