ElectroMobility Poland have chosen the platform for IZERA EV

7 September 2021 Posted in Members, News, News

On September 6, ElectroMobility Poland informed officially about choosing the platform for IZERA EV. This is to be the latest version of the platform, that is not yet available on the market. A large global player will also build their cars on this platform.

Currently, however, ElectroMobility Poland cannot reveal who this producer is, but the President of EMP Mr Piotr Zaremba informed on Radio TOK FM that the company will be providing detailed information at the beginning of next year.

The President of EMP was speaking also about the plans related to the construction of the factory, the details of choosing the city of Jaworzno as its location, and ensured that all possible environmental losses related to the construction of the plant will be compensated.


You can listen to the entire conversation at the following link:
TOK FM podcast interview with President of EMP – Mr Piotr Zaremba

Source: https://www.facebook.com/IzeraPL/

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