CRIDO – Polish Deal – iternatives to sole proprietorship

11 August 2021 Posted in Members, News

Polish Deal – what does it mean for employees, entrepreneurs and employers in the context of tax burdens and the Social Insurance Institution. What are the alternatives?

The authors of the Polish Deal indicate that this is to be a strategy for overcoming the effects of a pandemic, and the solutions it contains are ultimately intended to make Poland join the group of the most developed countries in Europe.

However, the echoes remain after the publication of the proposed tax and insurance changes as part of the Polish Deal. The group most affected by the planned changes will be sole proprietorship.

Many entrepreneurs ask themselves what alternative forms of taxation and forms of conducting business activity are allowed by Polish law and what challenges may be associated with this.

During yesterday’s webinar, we had the opportunity to discuss this topic with a group of CRIDO experts, who also raised the following issues related to the changes proposed as part of the Polish Deal programme:


  1. Effects of the Polish Deal for Self-Employed Persons
  2. Possible forms of taxation of sole proprietorship
  3. Other popular forms of running a business in Poland
  4. Separation of corporate and private property and succession (intergenerational transfer of business), i.e. what benefits can bring a change of legal form?
  5. How to wisely carry out the process of changing the legal form, so as not to threaten your business and how much time it takes?
  6. Examples of comparative calculations for different levels of income

On behalf of CRIDO, we also invite you to another interesting webinar:

HRstation | New law, new obligations – significant changes in labor law
August 17, 2021 at 11.00

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