Accelerator MRPiT about instruments of public support for the automotive industry

24 May 2021 Posted in Members, News

On May 19, the Polish Automotive Group, Ministry of Development, Labor and Technology and the Polish Investment and Trade Agency organized a webinar for companies associated in the Polish Automotive Group, related to public support instruments for the automotive industry. The webinar was the result of a meeting that took place last month by the Ministry and concerned the topic of “Support for exports in the automotive industry”.

During the webinar, the invited speakers presented and explored topics, such as:

  • industry export results in the last decade and last year 2020
  • instruments for supporting companies and promoting the automotive industry on foreign markets
  • Polish Technological Bridges as a program to support companies in the process of internationalization
  • lowering the cost of importing supplies
  • elimination of barriers to access to non-EU markets
  • protection against unfair imports
  • free trade agreements
  • KUKE insurance support
  • financial support from BGK
  • KUKE Finance and ARP factoring
  • examples of the most important trade barriers
  • the new Access2Markets portal as a source of information on import conditions to EU and non-EU countries
  • participation in tenders of international organizations

One of the last points of the meeting was the topic of combating barriers on EU markets and an attempt to answer the question – what to do to deepen cooperation within the European Union?

The topic is so extensive and concerns many industries that the Department of Trade and International Cooperation of the Ministry of Development, Labor and Technology together with the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) decided to organize a series of meetings with representatives of individual priority industries.

The aim of the meetings will be to increase the flow of information between entrepreneurs, usually concentrated around industry representative offices, and the public administration regarding non-tariff trade barriers encountered by Polish companies on EU markets, which disproportionately affect the situation of exporters on EU markets.

If you have any examples of barriers that you have encountered while conducting your business in the automotive sector, please contact us by June 2, 2021 (

We will present them at the next meeting of PGM and MRPiT related to combating barriers on EU markets, which will take place on June 8, 2021.

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